Tute Exercise 1 – Pop Culture piece

The city of Springfield was moved five miles down the road yesterday, after excess underground garbage erupted over the town.

Mayor Quimby announced the move at a town meeting a week ago, as part of Springfield’s all-purpose contingency plan.

Sanitation Commissioner Homer Simpson allowed U.S cities to dump their excess garbage in Springfield’s abandoned mine shaft, causing a severe overflow.

Mr Simpson implemented the radical scheme to alleviate the Sanitation Department’s budget crisis.

“Other cities didn’t want it, so they paid me to dump it in the old abandoned mine,” Mr Simpson said. “I really didn ’t see how anything could go wrong.”

Mr Simpson was dismissed as Sanitation Commissioner and sentenced to horsewhipping for the destruction of the town.

But former Sanitation Commissioner Ray Patterson refused to return to his old position.

“It’s so gratifying to leave you wallowing in the mess you’ve made,” Mr Patterson said.


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