Jacqui Lambie Hard News Story

Jacqui Lambie has attacked the coalition budget, while flagging new ideas for tax revenue, during her interview with Sarah Ferguson on the 7:30 Report last night.

The Palmer United Senator said her party supports tax being collected annually, estimating it will bring in an extra $70 billion.

Lambie wants to create new taxes for banks, although she admits she has not yet discussed this proposal with party leader Clive Palmer.

She also said Joe Hockey and Tony Abbott are “a pair of deceitful, lying politicians”, in response to their controversial recent budget.

“Hitting welfare is not the answer,” she said.

Lambie said she does not support the Coalition’s proposal for university deregulation, and there was “no doubt” Palmer was also against it.

She said The Palmer United Party (PUP) wants “all university fees for students free”, which would allow for a more educated nation.

“It’s not really about cost, we need to invest in our youth,” Lambie said.

Lambie said she does not support any new GST measures, which she equated to a “scapegoat” for “how bad the budget really is”.

The senator-elect also denied Barnaby Joyce’s claims her party was a “cult”, insisting Palmer would not dictate how his senators vote.

In response, she said the performance of Joyce’s National Party was one of the reasons for the creation of PUP.

“The Nationals have lost their way,” Lambie said.


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