Achieving Objectivity Hard News Story

Trevor Likely won the Best and Fairest Award at the Unseen University Academicals football club’s annual awards night on Saturday evening.

Held at The Mended Drum, the Unseen University Academicals (UUA) hosted rival team Ankh Morpork United at the function.

UUA club Presdient Mustrum Ridcully lauded Trevor, the son of the late footballer Sam Likely.

“Trev played with fortitude and skill,” Mr Ridcully said. “Without him we would have no team at all.”

Mr Ridcully said Ankh Morpork United were “worthy opponents”, after they defeated the Academicals in the final match of the season.

The manager of the Mended Drum complained about damage done to his pub during the evening, as some of the players became intoxicated.

Ankh Morpork United club president, Harry Dean, said the venue for the night was unsuitable.

“What do you expect when your hold your awards night in a pub?” Mr Dean said.


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