Hard News Story – Erik Jensen

Hi everyone!

Here is a hard news story I have written on Erik Jensen’s recent visit to RMIT. He is an inspiring young journalist, who gave us a great insight into what it takes to be successful in the rapidly changing field of journalism. I hope you enjoy it!

Saturday Paper editor Erik Jensen said journalism will continue to thrive despite the shifting media landscape.

Speaking to a journalism class at RMIT this morning, Mr Jensen said print media was still viable for his newspaper.

“Print remains the best platform for long form journalism,” Jensen said.

Jensen said he left The Sydney Morning Herald because strict deadlines meant there was “less time for investigative journalism”.

He said The Saturday Paper aimed to change the way readers absorbed news.

“We want to find ways for our writers to engage with readers,” Jensen said.

Jensen said major media outlets such as Fairfax and News Limited struggled to adapt to the advent of the internet and social media, but he said he would be surprised if they didn’t survive.

Jensen said the abundance of resources at Fairfax and News Limited’s disposal meant they would continue to be a main source of news.

“My suspicion is they will somehow reinvigorate the journalism they do,” Jensen said.

He said The Saturday Paper was aiming to “build a viable niche”.

“We’re more about serving an audience that is quantifiable and smaller,” Jensen said.

He said he was proud the paper was making a profit, which he said was rare in the current climate.

Jensen said he hoped to edit the paper for as long as he could.

He said there was a need to produce important stories, which continually motivated him.

“You just have to keep ploughing forward, wishing that next week is more than 7 days away,” Jensen said.


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